Learn How You Can Create Another Source Of Consistent Income
To Protect & Grow Your Wealth Using These Recession-Proof SKills

Everything is pointed towards an economic downturn this year and it does not take a genius to figure out where it is taking us.

Recession is a cycle and it creates stress and anxiety for everyone as fear of retrenchment rises. Companies also tend to cut down on hiring during this period and landing yourself a new job can be tough. You might even find yourself unemployed for months!

If you are currently still holding on to your job, you are one of the lucky few. But, who can guarantee that you will be spared from the guillotine when the next recession occurs?

Many times, you might find that your hard work gets overlooked or another person simply comes in to take credit for your work. Worst of all, your company might even replace you with a younger person who is willing to work harder than you while taking a lower salary.

So, how can anyone keep up in this increasingly competitive market and retire by 40?


Many of us already know the answer but simply do not take action because they feel that they are in the 'safe' zone – until they get replaced.

While the majority fear recessions, a minority is secretly optimistic.

These minority do not depend on a single income source as monthly salaries only make up a negligible sum of their total earnings.

Recessions might be scary but it is not always be bad news. There is money to be made during this period as long as you make the decision to grab onto timely opportunities.

In fact, people tend to make more money from their investments during recessions compared to when the economy is doing well.

During the last 2 ecnomonic downturns, there was HUGE money making opportunities but many people lost out on it to grow their wealth exponentially. I promise that you woundn't want to lose out again from this upcoming one.
One of our speaker from this event, Mr. Adam Khoo, and his students, made MILLIONS from the 2009 Financial Crisis and another 400% - 800% returns from a similar repeat in 2011.

If 2016 proves to have another recession or crisis, I have to urge you again NOT TO MISS OUT.

Best of all, it does not require a deep pocket for anyone to start investing and you will learn how during this Financial Growth Summit Event.
ADAM KHOO is a serial entrepreneur, renowned author, and a professional stock investor and FX trader. Adam first made national news headlines when he became a self-made millionaire at the age of 26, making him one of the youngest millionaires in Singapore. He is the national bestselling author of 15 books including Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires, Secrets of Millionaire Investors, Profit From The Panic and Winning The Game of Stocks. His achievements have been widely featured in the media such as The Straits Times, Business Times, Channel News Asia, Channel 5, Channel 8, The Malaysia Sun and many more.

Adam will share his investing strategy used by his students to generate consistent profits from the stock markets… and this strategy can be easily applied even if you have not invested before!

Here's what he will be covering in detail:

  • The winning formula to achieve your first million in the shortest possible time by simply investing 10% of your salary into a sound investment plan that produces consistent profits during good or bad times
  • How the professionals use a systematic 6-step approach to spot undervalued stocks that can potentially fetch 50% returns or more in less than 6 days!
  • Why 5 minutes is all it takes to determine whether and when to BUY or SELL a stock using a powerful trading indicator
  • Why you should not accept anything lesser than 12% return on investments especially if you just started investing

DANIEL LOH is an established investment coach, analyst and keynote speaker who specializes in equities and derivatives trading. He is a regular guest at investment forums and you may also have heard/or seen him appear on national television and radio interviews to share his views on the latest trends and predictions on the financial markets. Daniel also writes for the biggest financial newspaper in Malaysia and trains for the Securities Investors Association (SIAS) of Singapore. With over 15 years of proven successful record and experience under his belt, Daniel is highly regarded in the investment community as one of the leading teachers and spokesperson of Asia's Top Investment Guru, Hu Li Yang.

Daniel knows this year is one of the best times to triple your wealth and his students are secretly optimistic about 2016. The best part… you don't have to be an expert investor to take advantage and profit from this crisis.

Because Daniel will be sharing insider tips and valuable advice that gives you the competitive edge in your investments like:

  • Which sectors or index will potentially enter into a super bull-run cycle in 2016 that can literally make you rich!
  • The common mistakes of investors and how to customize an investment strategy that actually works well for you
  • What investors can do before, during and after markets crash to protect and benefit from them

Take action now

If you continue to procrastinate, there will never be a time where you will start. A simple 10% returns per month can secure your plan to retire by 40 and here's how.

[Starting Capital of $5,000 with 10% compounded monthly returns consistently]

Month Capital
ROI (%)
Returns On Investment
January $5,000 10% $500
February $5,500 10% $550
March $6,050 10% $605
April $6,655 10% $666
May $7,321 10% $732
June $8,053 10% $806
July $8,858 10% $886
August $9,744 10% $974
September $10,718 10% 1,072
October $11,790 10% 1,179
November $12,969 10% $1,297
December $14,266 10% $1,427
2nd Year $44,773    
3rd Year $140,517    
4th Year $441,006    
In this Financial Growth Summit Event, we will reveal the secret behind how anyone is able to achieve these 10% - 15% returns every month by simply applying these strategies and techniques. (Even without looking at charts!)

These knowledge that you will take away is not only for yourself but also for you to pass it down to your future generations so they are able to do what they love and not worry about money.

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