You can count on years of wealth creation experience in building successful businesses or multi-million investment portfolios to help you build towards a more financially rewarding life!
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The Ultimate Goal Here Is Financial Independence

Have you ever wondered how some people are able to make more money effortlessly while others struggle to even pay the bills every month? And for the most part, those who are able to easily acquire more wealth don't necessarily own a fancy degree or the right connections, but they usually are just ordinary people you meet on the street everyday.


The good news is…
Getting wealthy is no longer just a rich man's game!

For anyone who values financial security and ultimately desires real freedom, learning to create at least one additional income stream is no longer a wish but a must in order to protect yourself and your family against the unpredictable economy. No matter how safe you think your job is, there is always a chance things could go terribly wrong if you only rely on one source of income.


Strategies To Outperform Your Current Income With These Proven Methods

The secret to living 'the' life is to start building real passive income that will eventually grow and earn multiple times more than your active job so you have the power to choose what you really love to do or who you really love to do it with. This truly is one of the unspoken secrets of the rich and wealthy, which unfortunately, were never taught in schools but now is your chance.



Getting Where You Want To Be From Where You Are

Think about this. To become successful at anything you do, you need a winning formula that saves you time by trying to figure out the steps of getting there on your own. Like an apprentice chef who needs his recipe or a student who needs his teacher, the idea is the same. That is why many intelligent and hardworking people struggle financially because they were never taught the essential skills to manage their money, create alternative income and grow their wealth.

The question is…
Are you one of them?

Who is frustrated that your income is not growing despite
Having invested in more hours and effort into your job?

Constantly worrying about money and fear if the inflation
And current recession may one day cost you your job

You end up losing money and faith whenever you
Listen to terrible advice on how to invest

You ran out of ideas on searching for the best ways to
Accumulate more wealth and time freedom


Discover The Art & Science Of Wealth Creation By These Amazing Speakers

First of all, you are in absolute good hands of highly respectable speakers and top industry experts worthy of sharing their wealth creation formula at the Financial Growth Summit. They are not your Nobel Prize winners or Einstein-in-the-making but they certainly earned the rights to show you the ropes of building serious cashflow outside of your job, even if you are a complete beginner.
Kaygarn Tan, Founder of Freemind Works, graduated with a Masters Degree from University of Science Malaysia. He started his property investment journey very early on, while still working in the corporate world. After successfully building a sizeable property portfolio using a tested and proven strategies, he decided to quit his day time job and go full time into property investment.

He is now a Property Investment Coach and have personally coached thousands of individuals to buy properties with profitable returns and generating positive monthly cashflow. He was featured in Property Insights, New Straits Times and iProperty, to name a few and was also invited to share his experiences in various property talks and expos. He is also the Author of the bestselling book The Master Key Method to Unlock the Secrets of Property Investment.

He will share with you the 5 reasons you should invest in property, 2 fundamental strategies to make money in property investment and 1 formula to achieve your financial goals.

Unlike most traditional training methods that teach on a passive level, Kaygarn's training is experiential, providing you with your own unique financial goal and plan that you can apply immediately for instant results. Here's what you will learn from Kaygarn: Here's what he will cover in detail:

  • What are the guidelines that you should follow to identify and buy the RIGHT PROPERTIES every time
  • How to invest and start generate income FAST in property industry with 2 Practical Strategies
  • How to meet the bank requirements and get the bank to APPROVE your loan application ... almost every time

  • The GOLDEN RULE you must follow to profit every time you buy a property, even if you are already at the 70% LTV category
Terence Tan is the Founder and Chief Stocks & Options Coach at First Traders Network Sdn Bhd in Malaysia, and Chief Investment Strategist at Giants Learning Technologies in Singapore. He is a self-made trader turned investor and achieved his own financial freedom by the age of 32. Starting his career as a trader with a boutique fund in Singapore before hoping on to the hedge fund industry as an investment manager, Terence is one of the few traders who comes from the "street" and fully understands the difficulty of investing successfully.

In the past 3 years, his graduates have made accumulated profits of over USD$2,000,000 and it continues to grow. This makes IMP one of the most profitable investment community around. He currently manages a private investment portfolio with over USD$2,500,000 asset under management.

Summary of key points:
  • The essential steps to building a winning long-term capital gain investment portfolio that generates short-term monthly income regardless of volatility of the stock market.

  • How to fix bad investment trades and turn them into wins using a proven method that profits even when trades go wrong.

  • How to filter the right stocks in less than 15 minutes based on our fully verifiable 99% accuracy strategy that achieved 211 wins out of 213 live completed trades.
DOMINIC TAY is the kind of guy you will never expect from just one meeting, to be one of the top prized asset of the world's online giant – Amazon! Ask Dominic and he will tell you he has seen it all and what it means to create real cash from the internet. For someone who has never held a real job in the corporate world, he is by far one of the most stunning cases of rags-to-riches stories that inspires audiences both young and old. In 2013/14, he received the top 100 Singapore Excellence Award for his knowledge and contribution in innovative entrepreneurship. Though prefering to work from the comfort of his bed-room making a monthly regular 5-figure income these days, Dominic occasionally speaks to audiences all over Asia at wealth and tech conferences organised by Summit Capital.

This is one eye-opener you should not miss. He reveals the wealth secret behind the author of the Harry Potter fantasy series, which sold more than 400 million copies and how anyone can taste a pie of this lucrative cashcow in 6 simple steps at FGS.

  • Here's what he will cover in detail:
  • Why working with (not for) Amazon is by far the best decision he has ever made in his entire journey as an online entrepreneur and how you can get onto the same boat
  • How to produce bestselling digital books that actually sells and receive a lifetime of passive income as royalties even though you were never good in English or writing books
  • Why you don't even need a website to get started – It's that simple! And how to break the traditional online business model and yet still get paid every month
  • How to systemize this entire passive income process so that it averagely requires only 45 minutes a day at the beginning to get started

Need more reasons to attend?
Past examples of REAL people creating REAL results

Where most people view the achievements of our speakers as just a dream, we see them as ordinary people just like you and me, but with an extraordinary gift and strategy in creating wealth that everyone ought to learn. You will also witness real stories of people from all walks of life – from business owners, students, technicians, nurses, engineers or even retirees and more who transformed their lives by learning new money-making, recession-proof skills that helps them stay competitive which goes a long way in life. So get ready to take notes, embrace new concepts and seize the opportunities for a much better financial future at The F-G-S.

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26thAugust 2017 (Saturday)    |    9am - 1pm    |   Hilton Kuching, Berjaya Room
(Address: Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuching, Sarawak)